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A bunk bed with storage is a very common type of bunk bed on the market today. A bunk bed with storage can be fitted with drawers underneath the lower bed, or can even have storage built into the sides of the top bunk. If you are looking to buy a bunk bed with storage but don't want the drawers to be visible, you can buy a bunk bed with no drawers and only stairs. There are even bunk beds with no stairs at all.

If you have two children, then you know that one or both of them will want to take a book along when they sleep on the bed. You can buy a bed with storage that has a bookcase built into its base. This can allow your children to choose which books they would like to keep on their bedside table. If you don't have enough room for additional books on the bed, then you can make do with a bookcase, or get a bunk bed with no drawers at all. You can still keep the books off of your bed in another room.

When you are looking to buy a bunk bed with storage, you should think about how much floor space you have available. If you only have a small bedroom, then you may want to go with a bucket or canopy bed. These types of bunk beds with storage have smaller floor spaces, so they don't take up as much floor space. They also tend to be more compact, taking up less space than other styles. They will usually only have a single drawer, but you can add other drawers as well.

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